Campingaz CV470

The Campingaz CV470 gas cartridge, for all your camping and cooking needs.

The Campingaz CV470 gas canister is contains 450g Butane/Propane mix. This canister can be used with compatible Campingaz stoves, heaters and lanterns. The Campingaz CV470 Canister is unique in that it can be disconnected from appliances' when not in use and reconnected when it is needed again.

Campingaz CV470 Plus Gas Canister

A common camping stove has a flow rate of around 100-150gms per hour, so this canister should last for at least 4 hours, which is actually pretty considerable given that a meal may only take 10-20 minutes to cook. When connected to a lantern such as the Lumostar Plus Click-Start Lantern, it will typically around 12 hours, which is a flow rate of 37gms per hour. The CV 470 gas canister is both light, compact and easy to carry - making it great both camping and day trips.

It can be used with a whole array of gadgets, ranging from weed camping lanterns and stoves, to garden week killers.

Although not refillable, replacement Campingaz CV470 gas canisters can be purchased from most camping or hardware stores around the UK - in fact, Campingaz replacement cartridges can be purchased in over 100 different countries and can be commonly found throughout Europe.

The Easy Click plus technology used within this type of gas canister means that unlike previous types of gas canister which if you disconnected the canister the gas would escape, this one means that you can simply connect and disconnect when ever it's required, it is as simple as click and twist.

People often ask the question "How do I know how much gas is left?", well it is actually quite simple, but first you need to know the weight of the CV470 Canister. The weight of the canister is 190gms, which means that if you weigh your canister and it weighs 320gms, after you subtract the weight of the can you are lift with 130gms, which is what you have left. That's just under one third left.

The Campingaz CV 470 Plus compatible appliances

The Campingaz CV-470 gas canister is compatible with a whole range of camping stoves, lights, and portable gas heaters. Also, being re-sealable it can simply be disconnected from one appliance and re-connected to another as and when it is needed.

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Using your CV470 Plus safely

When using any gas powered appliance, it is important that you refer to the manufactures instructions - if not used carefully this product can cause injury or even death. CV470 Plus cartridges are safe to transport by car and even permitted on the Eurotunnel, they are not safe to transport via air. A Campingaz CV470 gas canister will not explode if it is kept bellow temperatures of 80 degrees.

Once your cartridge is empty, it can be disposed of in the same way that you would dispose of any other empty steel can - although, recycling is always a good idea! You should never throw away a CV470 cartridge that still has gas left in it.